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Inspiring Hope During Life’s Most Challenging Times

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About Us

We support disaster readiness, response and recovery services to communities affected by disaster or tragedy.

Mobile Command and On Scene Support

Command Vehicle

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Pull-out Couch

Provides a comfortable space to meet with and help individuals

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Computers / Phone stations

Command center

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Servers / Communication

Satellite internet, WiFi Hot Spot

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Second Story/Loft

Driver sleep area for overnight and multi-day community support

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Storage space for equipment, supplies, water and snacks

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Conference Room

Garage storage space converts into fully functioning conference room

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Patio Deck

Provides meeting/gathering space under cover from elements

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Centerpoint on site

See the map below to see where the Centerpoint mobile command center is helping the community

Our Goals

Minimize the traumatic impact of disasters and tragic events through relief and community partnerships.

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Create a safer and more recovery-oriented experience between first responders and individuals with behavioral health challenges in the community.

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