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Mobilize AZ through a partnership with Crisis Response Network’s Centerpoint for Hope is deploying a mobile medication assisted treatment (MAT) clinic statewide. The mobile clinic will visit approximately 72 locations statewide over a 12-month span.


Mobile MAT clinic locations are prioritized based on high need areas and opioid/substance abuse hot spots. According to 2017 data, there are high concentrations of opioid overdoses (non-fatal) in Phoenix metro, Tucson metro, Flagstaff metro, Yuma metro, Yavapai county, Mohave county, and Cochise county.

The mobile clinic serves as an entry point to connection to services and treatment. Each clinic is staffed with community navigators who will conduct an intake, assessing both physical and social determinants of health needs, and work with people seeking assistance. The help may be as basic as a food box or spot to charge a cell phone. Or, the help may be more involved including a care plan and possible warm transfer to a local clinic or network provider for MAT.

The community navigators will follow up with patients to ensure that the referrals provided were effective in meeting their needs and they were connected to appropriate care. The effectiveness of the referrals will be reported and evaluated on a regular basis to determine future utilization and support needs.

Before the unit travels to a community, we will notify local providers, law enforcement, fire/EMS, elected officials, human and social service agencies, and other key stakeholders in order to build trust, encourage engagement, and learn about specific areas of need in each community.

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